40 Beautiful and Cheap Bathroom Remodel with Shower Tubs Ideas
40 Beautiful and Cheap Bathroom Remodel with Shower Tubs Ideas

60 Beautiful and Cheap Bathroom Remodel with Shower or Tubs Ideas

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Have a tub and shower in the bathroom is the best way to maximize the bathroom’s functionality. It does not mean that you need to conform to the standard tub and shower unit with a tub that is 14 inches high and just usable for small children. Remodeling your tub and shower to include a deeper tub, even just a more streamlined style can add a lot of character and function of the bathroom.

If you have the space, separate the tub and shower from one another. This can be done in a number of ways. If you want to open up the bathroom and make the best use of the space, consider moving the tub and shower to a corner. If you don’t have space to move the tub and you don’t want to remove it, make it a luxury tub rather than using the standard tub.

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